Basement Media Productions is a Northern Virginia Based Company serving the needs of clients throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. The company was founded in 2003 by its current owner and President Aaron Hahn. Since its beginning, Basement Media Productions has grown to meet the needs of hundreds of clients at over 250 events per year. Basement Media Productions has vast array of service offerings for all types of events.


DJ Bio

DJ Aaron HahnAaron Hahn

As the founder of Basement Media Productions, DJ Aaron Hahn has personally overseen the growth and direction of the company over the last 6 years. Aaron has more than 8 years of DJ experience under his belt. His love of music began growing up as a child through instrumental music. Throughout middle and high school most of his money was spent at various record stores thruoghout the area building an expansive library. By the age of 16 his personal library contained over 2,500 albums. Although his love of music drove him to amass such a library, the thought of being a DJ had never occured to him. It wasnt until he was asked by a friend to play music at a party his senior year of high school that he even considered the thought. However, after this initial taste of being a Disc Jockey, he never looked back. He bought his first PA System in 2002 and never looked back. Since then his library has expanded to more than 80,000 songs and his company employs more than 5 Disc Jockeys.


DJs Jimmy Reed and Jason Colon

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